The practice has closed as of 09/30/2014.  I regret any inconvenience to you.  I am hoping to have the main telephone number (205) 933-5600 and the fax number (205) 933-5602 working through 01/31/2015.  Feel free to leave a voice mail message at one of the four options (1-4).  I usually come to the office in the afternoons and review the messages left on the voice mail and will try to contact you as soon as possible.  Assuming there are no longer functioning telephone lines after 01/31/15, we can communicate via e-mail at  If you have joined the Patient Portal, you can send me a message through it.  As I am no longer actually practicing medicine, I cannot write prescriptions, so please try to make alternate arrangements.  Our office staff tried to contact every one who had an actual appointment a year forward from about July 2014 to let them know that the practice was closing.  We tried to contact patients seen in the office over the preceding year but did not have enough time.  We did not have the ability to send a mass mailing and we tried to send as many notifications as we could to patients who had registered e-mails with us.  I made the closing public on the website in early August 2014 and ran a notification in The Birmingham News in September 2014.  If we did not contact you, I apologize and I will do my best to make your transition to another physician as smooth as possible.  Thank you.

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